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Dampcure offer remedial timber treatments and repairs against woodworm, wet rot and dry rot.


The most common form of infestation is by the Common Furniture Beetle and it is this that is generally called woodworm. Common Furniture Beetle will attack all woods but is most prolific in softwoods. Death Watch Beetle attacks mainly oak. The next most common form of beetle is the Wood Boring Weevil and this is generally found in timbers which are very damp and is, therefore, most prolific in ground floor timbers such as those situated above damp cellars. Finally infestation can also be caused by House Longhorn Beetle and Powderpost Beetle, this infestation, in our part of the Country, being rare.

The treatment of woodworm generally involves the spray application of structural timbers within a house i.e. floor boards and joists, staircase and roof timbers with an insecticide. Where the infestation is more severe and generally in the case of Death Watch Beetle the application of a penetrative paste or gel is often also necessary. Sometimes the infestation has caused timbers to lose structurally integrity in which case replacement of the timbers will be necessary.

Dampcure are able to carry out both the chemical treatment and the replacement of timbers as necessary using qualified Technicians and Carpenters. Our treatment fluids are water based and have a one house re-entry time.


The treatment of dry rot and wet rot infestation is more intensive and generally involves removal of the affected timber, finding the source of dampness which has caused the rot to occur and eliminating it and in respect of Dry Rot infestation will involve the stripping back of adjoining plaster work etc to fully treat the mycelium which can grow through masonry, this masonry once exposed will need to be chemically sterilised.


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